The Joys of Toys!

Wednesday, December 10th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

Join She Bop’s very own AJ (aka Amory Jane) for an evening of education and fun. Ever wandered around a sex toy shop and wondered “what the heck is that?” Never fear, AJ will answer those burning (in a good way) questions and then some!

In this class you will learn how sex toys originated and have advanced throughout history. AJ will explain the different types of toys, what they are used for and what they are made from, including vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, anal toys, toys for BDSM and more. Of course, don’t forget one of the most important things of all… yes, that would be lube! AJ will go over the different types of lube, as well as the ingredients to be aware of when selecting the best product for you. She will also address how to clean and store your toys so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Additionally, in case your loved one didn’t leave a detailed wish list for Santa, AJ will give pointers on how to select a toy or gift for someone else — just in time for your holiday shopping!

As a special bonus, class attendees get 10% off their purchases in She Bop the night of the class!

This workshop is open to all genders and sexual appetites!

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Exploring Burlesque: Striptease Salon

Wednesday, December 3rd — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Have you ever wanted to rock your boa? Peel your stocking? Shimmy your hips? Get your glamour puss on because this class is for you! Join Orchestre L’Pow producer Madison Moone for Striptease Salon, a flirty evening of classic bump and grind perfect for beginners or just the curious.

Students will be guided through a sexy burlesque movement study including bumps, grinds and struts, followed by a tantalizing round of peeling techniques and prop dancing. We will also explore classic burlesque characters before constructing a series of short teases as a group. Together, we will discover a deeper sense of our personal erotic being while developing a greater appreciation for our feminine power!

Students should dress in comfortable clothes such a yoga or dance wear. Music and demo props will be provided by Miss Moone. All levels of fitness welcome, no dance experience or nudity required. Please avoid alcohol consumption before attending and arrive by 7:20 p.m. — class will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m., no late entrance after 7:45 p.m. No photographs are permitted. There will be time for shopping after the class!

Grab your best girlfriends and join Miss Moone for an evening of fun, laughs and celebration of the female spirit. See you in class!

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!

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Bon Appetit!: The Fine Art of Cunnilingus

Wednesday, November 19th — 7:30 pm — $20

You asked and we answered—She Bop presents a cunnilingus class for anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to give (or receive!) phenomenal oral pleasure.

She Bop educators, Amory Jane and Sid Need, will teach you everything you want to know about anatomy, arousal, hand tricks, and tongue techniques. They will discuss foreplay, communication, and finding your own cunnilingus style, as well as give pointers on how to incorporate toys, temperature, and g-spot stimulation. Additionally, our educators will talk about fun ways to kick it up a notch if you’re stuck in a muff diving rut (face sitting, anyone?)!

This class is open to all genders, experience levels, and identities.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!

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10% Tuesdays in October for Bradley Angle

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we will be donating 10% of all in-store sales on Tuesdays this month to Bradley Angle, an organization whose mission is to offer survivors of domestic and sexual violence options for safety, empowerment, healing and hope, while collaborating with local communities to create social change.

In 1975, Bradley Angle became the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast (and only the 4th in the United States). Over the years, their services have expanded to include a 24-hour crisis line, transitional housing, support groups, community-based advocacy, and three programs unique to Oregon: culturally specific programming for African and African-American survivors, an economic empowerment program called Making Cent$, and support for LGBTQ survivors.

Hear the powerful stories of survivors who have been helped by Bradley Angle in the video below.

Visit us on any Tuesday in October to help out this vital organization. Bradley Angle can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Japanese vulva artist jailed, but undeterred

Megumi Igarashi, pseudonym Rokudenashiko, in her "pussy boat"If you need a new hero, look no further than Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, pseudonym Rokudenashiko (“good-for-nothing girl”).

The 42-year-old sculptor and illustrator launched a crowdfunding campaign last year to raise money to create a “pussy boat,” a kayak formed in her vulva’s image. The campaign was wildly successful, and as a token of thanks, she offered to send a 3D printable image of her vulva to those who donated $30 or more.

In July, Rokudenashiko was arrested for following through on her promise — or, as the police deemed it, distributing obscene material. They raided her office, seized 20 of her art pieces, and arrested her. In response, she has said, “I cannot agree with the police’s decision to label the data as obscene. To me, my vagina is like my arms and legs. It’s nothing obscene.”

The arrest spurred a petition protesting the charges, which has now surpassed 20,000 signatures, while Jon Stewart pointed out Japan’s “genital double standard” in a segment of the Daily Show, saying, “Japan, you arrested a woman for 3D-printing her vagina, but you gave dicks their own holiday.”

Rokudenashiko was released a week after her arrest, but she could be re-arrested and formally charged down the road. If found guilty, she would face up to 2 years in jail plus a fine of 2.5 million yen ($24,655).

Rokudenashiko's vulva art

For years, Rokudenashiko has been making artwork to combat Japan’s silence around the vulva. Her amazing work has included iPhone cases with vulvas on the back, glass vulvas hanging to form a chandelier, a vulva charm bracelet, a lamp with lit-up clitoris, and tons of vulva-shaped dioramas in a seris called “Deco-Man” (after the Japanese word for pussy, “manko”).

In one diorama, women sunbathe on a beach-vulva. In another, astronauts land on a moon-vulva. In another, soldiers scale a battlefield-vulva.

Rokudenashiko explains:

Why did I start making this kind of art pieces? That was because I had not seen pussy of others and worried too much about mine. I did not know what a pussy should look like at the same time I thought mine is just abnormal. Manko, pussy, has been such a taboo in the Japanese society.

Penis, on the other hand, has been used in illustrations and signed as a part of pop culture… [but] pussy has been thought to be obscene because it’s been overly hidden although it is just a part of women’s body. I wanted to make pussy more casual and pop. That’s how I came to make a pussy lampshade, a remote-controlled pussy car, a pussy accessory, a pussy smartphone case, and so on.

As “taboo” as it seems to make vulva-themed art in the United States, Rokudenashiko is up against an even more uptight society. She’s a brave and fearless individual — and hearing her describe and create her art is bound to make you smile.



Back That Ass Up!: Anal Sex 101

Thursday, November 13th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

AJ (aka Amory Jane)Are you interested in anal pleasure but not sure where to get started? Already tried anal play but wanting to learn some fun tricks and techniques? Whether you’re brand new to the wonderful world of anal or already have some backdoor experience, this class is sure to teach you something new!

In this educational and humorous workshop, AJ will confront taboos, go over anal anatomy, prostate, and the G-spot, discuss anal penetration for beginners, and show great positions for anal sex. She’ll also cover safety and hygiene and give you the inside scoop on all the best lubes and anal toys! This class is open to all genders and sexual appetites.

AJ (aka Amory Jane) is one of She Bop’s in-house sex educators. She graduated with a master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College, where she studied Sex Therapy and Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling. She has facilitated multiple discussion groups and taught dozens of sex education workshops around Portland and the Midwest. She also moonlights as a sex-positive relationship coach.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Embracing the sexual needs of Little People

Dr. Marylou NaccaratoDr. Marylou Naccarato is doing something pretty groundbreaking: she’s talking about sex as a Little Person. According to a recent profile in The Atlantic, Naccarato is the first in her field to focus specifically on the sexual needs of Little People — physical, emotional, and psychosocial.

Naccarato, who has a type of dwarfism called Kniest and stands 3’10” tall, worked for 23 years as an IRS agent, although she’d always harbored dreams of being a social worker. Then, one evening while watching a TV show on sexual health, she was struck by the narrator’s tip that a certain sex position could alleviate back pain.

Naccarato knew she had adapted her sex life similarly to cope with hip pain, and she knew that Little People can have particular physical challenges during sex. But she’d never heard people talk about it.

There wasn’t much talk, and there wasn’t much literature. Naccarato scoured libraries, bookstores, and the internet, but there was little to discover. She began informally polling her friends about their sex lives. Not only were they open to talking about the subject — they were excited about it.

Then, Little People of America agreed to have her present a workshop at their conference in San Francisco. Having attended LPA events since she was a child, Naccarato had witnessed tons of presentations about relationships, marriage, and parenting, but the conservative family organization was mum on the topic of sex.

Now, 10 years later, Naccarato is a board certified clinical sexologist, has a doctorate from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator. Needless to say, she no longer works for the IRS.

Dwarfism is a spectrum, and thus, some Little People face many physical obstacles, while others do not. When it comes to sex, some folks have arms that are too short to reach their genitals, hip rotation limitations and inflexibility that inhibit certain positions, and paralysis from the waist down due to severe spinal stenosis.

In the same way that tools such as dressing sticks assist Little People in everyday situations, certain sex products can also help. Fleshlight mounts, longer vibrators like the Magic Wand, condoms that are easier to put on, and positioning pillows can all aid folks of short stature. Naccarato has invented her own product, the Love Bench™, which is custom fit to the customer’s size. Great for people of all sizes, it is most awesome for people with limited range of mobility in their hips/knees from joint implant or other degenerative bone conditions.

Naccarato has even been able to run her own booth in the Expo at the Little People of America conference, albeit shrouded in a black curtain beckoning “adults only.” She is the only person to offer sex-related items in a trade show dedicated to adaptive products and resources.

Aside from logistical physical issues, Naccarato believes strongly in the emotional aspects of sex education. Little People can be particularly hindered by their upbringings, in which parents often skirt the issue of sex, while the world at large gawks.

According to Naccarato, “The psychosocial limitations of society may be more disabling than the physical symptoms.” She helps clients cope with the internalized otherness that comes from a lifetime in a body that is stared at, mocked, and poked at.

. . . “People with disabilities may have had an asexual upbringing and protective families that prevented growth,” says Naccarato. “Living under the attitude of the medical model from a lifetime of surgeries and insensitive doctors teaches people with disability that their body is broken, not sensual.” She works hard to show that Little People can allow themselves sensuality, pleasure, and connection.

To say that Dr. Marylou Naccarato’s work is important is to put it very mildly. She’s a pioneer.

Next year, she hopes to release a documentary featuring Little People talking about sexuality. Find her on her website, Twitter, and Facebook.


A remote-controlled vibrator for modern times

OhMiBod blueMotion, photo from NerveFor years, the world has been waiting for a remote-controlled vibrator that works over long distances. Most remote-controlled toys have a range of 10-40 feet. The new OhMiBod blueMotion has a range of “wherever you get cell phone reception.” If this sounds implausible, early tests show that the vibe can even be controlled from a plane.

Of course, while the range is certainly impressive, what matters more is the experience that users have interacting with the toy. Luckily for us, Nerve writer Samantha Greene found a willing person to get her off from afar, then documented her experience for the site’s popular column “I Did It For Science.”

Greene used hookup app Tinder to search for a guinea pig, eventually finding a guy 200 miles away named Patrick. After some flirtation involving ice cream emojis and small talk, she asked if he wanted to participate in her vibrator experiment. He agreed.

There was some fumbling at the outset due to all the logging in, friending, and syncing, but once the actual experience started, Greene was on board. So was Patrick.

The app has a lot of uncanny settings and features designed to help imitate and build upon the wonders of physical human touch. There’s a feature where a user can record their voice and corresponding vibrations will buzz out into the other user’s vibe. There’s a tap function, where the controller has full domain over the pattern and longevity of the pulses. Then there are custom patterns, built-in vibrations, and wave settings. I had only told Patrick, who had never used a vibrator with a woman in the bedroom before, that he should, “You know, start slow and then build up in a steady rhythm. Like you would in person. Then you’re golden.”

. . . He was on the tap function for what seemed a while. He followed the “start slow” direction, and I was pretty grateful . . . I was now turned on and needed to get off, but I also needed to communicate with my lab partner, tell him the rights and wrongs, and help him finish. If anything, we were communicating more than I ever would with a random drunken hookup. I don’t even go into some random drunken hookups with the expectation that I will get anything out of it. Here, I was getting everything.

It was the “Wave” function that eventually brought Greene over the edge. Afterward, they exchanged heart emojis. “It was fun,” Patrick said. “I’m not sure I’d normally seek it out, but it was kinda hot.” He only wished they could cuddle.

Greene was also pleasantly surprised.

It hadn’t been as absurd as I’d thought. It’d been completely enjoyable, in most ways. At the end of the day, we were still two libidos on the end of a phone with one another. We were still just two people who had shared the fits and starts of a first sweaty, complicated night sharing our bodies together. We just weren’t together.

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Mutual Masturbation: Give Yourself a Hand!

Elle ChaseSunday, October 12th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Casual or long-term relationships of all kinds can benefit from new skills or from re-framing old ones. In this class, Elle Chase will talk about how solo and partnered play is an erotic activity that’s not only smokin’ hot, but can intimately connect you with your partner, whether you’ve been together 20 years or 20 minutes.

This class will encourage you to discover and explore new areas of your sexual appetite safely, while working at your most comfortable pace. Whatever your sexual identity or gender preference, new lovers, experienced lovers, and novices alike will learn a new (or improved) trick or two to add to their sexual repertoire.

Elle Chase is passionate about passion. A Los Angeles sex educator, writer, speaker and coach, Elle focuses on positive body image, reigniting sexual expression, and better sex after 40. She speaks at sexuality conferences, gives workshops across the country, and publishes erotica and sexuality articles. Her highly trafficked websites, Lady Cheeky and Smut for Smarties, have both garnered multiple awards. In Los Angeles, Elle is a sex coach and is Director of Education at the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education. You can find her at her website and on Twitter @TheElleChase.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Full-Bodied Fellatio

Thursday, October 30th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

What do you do when your partner lacks blowjob skills? Where do you go for training when you wish to improve your own? Here!

M. Makael Newby is a relationship coach and dance instructor with a particular skill for breaking physical action into components and teaching them with enthusiasm… and blowjobs are one of her favorite things. This class will educate both the givers and receivers. Come learn about creating anticipation, communication, preparing for success, hand skills, tongue tricks, prostate massage, deep throating, sloppy BJs, choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises. Live demo (on dildo) included.

Many of these techniques are included in My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel. Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


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