• Strap It To Me: Strap-On Sex for Everybody

    Gretchen Leigh

    Are you new to the world of strap-ons? Curious about pegging but not sure where to start? Looking to gain some extra cock-confidence while wearing a harness? In the market for a new strap-on but not sure which dildo would be the best choice? Join She Bop's very own Gretchen Leigh as they…

  • Sex Ed QUICKIE: Initiate Sex with Confidence!

    Jessie Fresh

    Are you having the amount of sex that you desire? Does initiating sex feel easy and natural... or a little daunting? When your partner proposes sex, are you aroused... or uncomfortable? Jessie has tips and suggestions to help everyone get what they want!

  • Saucy Spring into Summer Choreography!

    Eva D'Luscious

    Bloom with the flowers! Strut into summer with a sweet and sassy routine in this 2-hour burlesque choreography workshop with Eva D'Luscious. We'll warm up with the bumps, grinds, shimmies, struts and specialty moves used for this routine — including tassel twirling — then link them together in a delicious routine accessible to…

  • Three (or More) Is Company

    Stella Harris

    Join Stella Harris, author of The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes, to learn all about navigating threesomes, group sex, and play parties. This class will discuss ways to check in with yourself before group play so you're confident about your boundaries, how to negotiate with existing partners before adding people to the mix, and…

  • Auntie Midori’s Practical Advice: For New Tops & Dominants


    Curious about BDSM? Are you just beginning to explore your top or dominant side? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing or impractical? Bring all your questions and Midori will tackle them. No BS — all practical. Auntie Midori will share with you practical tips, easy ways to…

  • Community

    10% Tuesdays in June for the Q Center

    10% Tuesdays in June for the Q Center

    On each Tuesday in June, 10% of our sales will go to the Q Center, the wonderful LGBTQ community center just around the corner from our North Portland location. The Q Center is an absolute gem of an organization; here’s their description of what they do: Q Center serves as Portland’s LGBTQ2SIA+ (Lesbian,…

  • Mixed Desire: What to Do When We Want Different Things

    Tuck Malloy

    There is nothing more normal in a relationship than having different needs. Just because we love someone doesn't mean our desires will be the same! So why do we get so scared about having different desires when it comes to sex? Join certified holistic sex educator Tuck Malloy for an evening of exploration…

  • Consent, Communication, and Negotiation

    Caress and Andy Fitch

    Join Caress and Andy Fitch for an introduction to the essential tools that keep intimate relationships and sexual adventures flourishing. They will cover a range of topics to expand understanding of consent and negotiation, including how to have clear-cut consent conversations without conflict, how to communicate your needs while respecting your partner's needs,…

  • Sex Work: Everything You’re Scared to Ask!

    Andre Shakti

    Where does the average person turn to learn about sex work? Here! Andre Shakti is a veteran sex worker who has successfully operated within a multitude of industry genres, including — but not limited to — stripping, professional domination, webcam modeling, and porn performance. In this class, Andre will facilitate a forum that…

  • Pleasure Mastery Workshop: An Introduction to Erotic Blueprints™

    Jessie Fresh

    Do you know what your Erotic Blueprint™ is? It's the unique map to your arousal! There are 5 types: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, & Shapeshifter. Each blueprint has very specific turn ons, turn offs, superpowers and challenges. In this workshop, Jessie Fresh will teach you all about your own Erotic Blueprints needs and…