• Build Your Sexual Confidence!

    Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Have you had sexual issues with your past partners or current and potential partners? Are you open to learning new sexual ways of being? Whether you are in a relationship or not, Marla Renee Stewart will teach you various techniques to improve your…

  • Seduce Your Lover!: Advanced Flirting Techniques

    This highly interactive workshop from Marla Renee Stewart will teach you how to know if someone's interested in you, how you can be a better communicator in everyday life and ultimately, how you can get what you want when you want it through the recognition of your own sexual power.

  • Community

    Our pledge to do better

    Empowerment, education, and community are three of She Bop’s main values. We have stood by those values for ten years, but until recently, had neglected to look at the ways we have failed our community. We could have done better. We should do better. We pledge to do better. We did not question…

  • Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, & Pleasure

    With vulvas being a place of mystery (and worse, a source of shame), our ability to receive pleasure from this area of the body can be extremely diminished. This class from Stella Harris will dispel misinformation and teach you all about the vulva — from anatomy to styles of touch.

  • F*#% My Filthy Mouth: Your Guide to Sexting & Dirty Talk

    Amory Jane and Tuck Malloy present a workshop all about talking dirty! Are you craving the sounds of your sexiest fantasies? Do you want to charm your lover with your dirty talk prowess or seduce with a sexy selfie? Well, get ready to explore the edges of desire, and learn how to spit…

  • Community

    10% Tuesdays in June for the Q Center

    On each Tuesday in June, 10% of our sales will go to the Q Center, the wonderful LGBTQ community center just around the corner from us in North Portland. The Q Center is an absolute gem of an organization; here’s their description of what they do: Q Center serves as Portland’s LGBTQ2SIA+ (Lesbian,…

  • Supporting Survivors: From Ally to Accomplice

    Learn to be a better ally and support sexual assault survivors! Taught by Jimanekia Eborn, this class is for survivors and their friends, families, and partners. Jimanekia is an assault survivor and sexuality educator devoted to supporting survivors, as well as supporting and building better allies within the community.

  • Moving Through Healing After Trauma

    How do you get back to pleasure after trauma? This class, taught by Angie Gunn, will be focused on perspectives of survivors from marginalized communities but we welcome all survivors to join us. This is not your regular 101 class on ways to move forward after your trauma. We will be working on…

  • Sexy Plus: Fostering Fat-Positive Sexuality

    If you're a fabulous fat babe who wants to build a better relationship with your body and sexuality or someone who enjoys having sex with the curviest among us, this workshop is for you and anyone else who wants to become more body-positive and fat-positive in their approach to sex/sexuality.