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Strap it to Me! Strap-on Sex for Everybody

Sunday, May 21st — 7:30 pm — $20

Gretchen and SidBuckles and straps and dildos, oh my! Strapping it on can feel a little overwhelming at first. Luckily, strap-on sex is one of Gretchen and Sid’s favorite teaching topics!

Are you new to the world of strap-ons? Curious about pegging but not sure where to start? Looking to gain some extra cock-confidence while wearing a harness? In the market for a new strap-on but not sure which dildo would be the best choice? Join She Bop’s very own Gretchen Leigh and Sid Need as they walk you through the ins and outs of strap-on sex! This fun and informative class will cover pegging, how to choose a harness and dildo, packing/playing, penetration, positions for all body types and abilities, how to get more comfortable using your strap-on, and tips for adding a little extra fun for the wearer. Participants of all genders, orientations, size, abilities and experience are welcome.

Sid Need is a certified sex coach, educator, and one of She Bop’s long-time staff members. Gretchen Leigh is a sex educator and strength coach, often found representing She Bop around town as a resident in-house and off-site educator. With their shared academic background in psychology and gender, and their mutual passion for inclusive, comprehensive sex education, Gretchen and Sid use playfulness, humor, experience, and compassion to tackle the topic of strap-on sex for everybody.

Limited space available — sign up online!


“Cliteracy” art project includes clit rodeo

If you ask us, there can never be enough clitoris-themed art in this world. That’s why we are loving artist Sophia Wallace‘s multi-media project, “Cliteracy.”

The name, Wallace explains, comes from the idea of “total illiteracy and incompetence when it comes to the female body.” Although the anatomy of the clitoris (both internal and external) was present in scientific literature as long ago as the mid-1800s, and the internal clitoris gained some attention in 1998 when Australian urologist named Helen O’Connell published a paper about it, many are still unaware of the true size and scope of it. Wallace says:

It is a curious dilemma to observe the paradox that on the one hand the female body is the primary metaphor for sexuality, its use saturates advertising, art and the mainstream erotic imaginary. Yet, the clitoris, the true female sexual organ, is virtually invisible.

The project has many facets: a 10 x 13 foot installation called “100 Natural Laws of Cliteracy,” street art advertising the clitoris, and our favorite: a giant golden clitoris that guests are encouraged to mount like a mechanical bull. The “100 Natural Laws of Cliteracy” installation includes a 6-foot neon “Cliteracy” sign suspended above a lengthy list of text — scientific data, historical information, pop culture references, etc., such as “the clitoris is not a button / it is an iceberg.”

The “Clit Rodeo,” as it’s awesomely called, allows guests to ride the anatomically accurate (except for its size!) golden clitoris. “People couldn’t stop looking at [the clitoris], touching it riding it, being around it,” Wallace said. “It just had this aura about it.” Well, of course it did!

Watch the video below to hear more from the artist and see the clit rodeo in action:

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